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Astronaut Training

Activ Kaarya now offers astronaut training as a part of therapy program for children. The astronaut training protocol has been designed by Sheila Frick and Mary Kawar, two occupational therapists with decades of experience.

Anything we do in life involves movement, and the vestibular system is our movement system. Additionally, it is also responsible for many components of function such as arousal, attention, upright posture, balance, bilateral coordination, and body/spatial awareness. The vestibular apparatus shares the same physiological and neurological connections with our auditory system or sense of hearing. It has close association with our visual system. Thus the vestibular-visual-auditory triad plays a crucial role to help us understand and function within  the spatial world around us.

Most children with autism and sensory processing disorder present with vestibular issues that also negatively impacts the performance of visual and auditory systems. The astronaut protocol addresses all the 3 systems with the primary goal of vestibular habilitation. The child is rotated on a special astronaut board in specific positions, following which visual stimulus is provided along with music to elicit visual and auditory responses respectively. The astronaut protocol is helpful in optimal integration of the vestibular-visual-auditory triad.

Dr. Ushma is trained in administering the astronaut training program.