As detailed in the page Diagnoses Treated, we treat a wide spectrum of diagnoses ranging from orthopedic cases such as back, neck, joint pains, joint replacement, repetitive stress injuries to neurological cases such as stroke in adults as well as learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders in children.  The following is a summary of our specialties. 
  • Application of specialized manual therapy and taping in addition to electrical modalities for comprehensive pain management in orthopedic cases.
  • Expertise in pediatrics, neurology, and certification in sensory integration therapy used to treat children with delayed development and learning difficulties.
  • Special techniques such as neurodevelopmental treatment, sensory integration, motor learning principles in neurological cases.
  • Application of yoga principles and correct breathing techniques have proven to expedite progress for our patients.
  • Individualized home exercise program to yield faster results in fewer sessions. 
  • In our practice, we apply latest research findings related to reducing pain, improving mobility, and restoring function.