Did you sprain your ankle and despite treatment still continue to limp slightly? Do you feel that your ankle still bothers you frequently while walking?  Contact us, we can help.

Did you hurt yourself during sports and have shoulder/knee/elbow/wrist/ankle that continues to be painful?  We can help you.

Do you have pain in the back/ neck since months and does not seem to go away with rest? Make an appointment with us!

Did you have stroke ? Do you feel that you are not walking right and have difficulty with arm movements? Our expertise in neuro rehabilitation can make a difference!

Are you recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease? Research demonstrates that specific exercises performed on a regular basis can definitely help your movement and quality of life.

Does your child in nursery or primary school have difficulties with attention span, concentrating in class, doing homework, and difficulty with learning in general? We could most likely help you.

Does your child have developmental delays?  Research shows that early treatment in terms of physiotherapy  can prove effective and help physical development as well as learning.