Coordination Disorders

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There are many different terms used to describe co-ordination difficulties: developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD), dyspraxia, perceptual-motor dysfunction and clumsy child syndrome.  Examples of possible symptoms are:
  • delay in reaching their milestones such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking
  • poor balance and a difficulty standing on one leg, hopping or jumping
  • difficulty with ball activities such as throwing, catching, kicking
  • a dislike or difficulty with Physical Training periods
  • an inability or difficulty riding a bicycle
  • often bumping into people or falling or tripping
  • difficulty to sit still
  • difficulty organizing dressing and undressing, often putting clothes on back-to-front
  • they may appear to not try or make an effort with tasks 
If you suspect your child has a developmental coordination disorder and aren't sure of the underlying cause, a Sensory and Motor Assessment would help identify whether there are sensory/motor issues or not. If issues related to Sensory integration are detected, providing sensory integration therapy can prove useful in increasing the learning abilities of such children.

Dr. Goradia is certified in Sensory Integration therapy and has treated children with developmental coordination disorder. Her genuine interest and long experience in treating children motivated her to achieve the prestigious title of  pediatric certified specialist (PCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association in 2012. Dr. Goradia has attended several courses in Neurodevelopmental treatment

Activ Kaarya is a world-class clinic well-equipped with a wide range of equipment used for Sensory Integration treatment. Experience matters!  Come visit us and experience the difference!