Autistic Disorders

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An Autism spectrum disorder  creates social, communication, and behavioral challenges in those affected by it. One aspect of autism is the inability to integrate the body's different senses. Children with autism may struggle to talk while doing a puzzle, sing while playing an instrument, or listen while examining a picture. Therapy involves carefully planned, individualized activities that integrate their senses, and modifications based on children's responses and progress. Every child has a potential to improve in terms of attention, motor skills, balance, and thus improve their participation in their environment. Sensory integration provided as a part of physiotherapy can prove useful in increasing the functional abilities of a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Goradia is Certified in Sensory Integration therapy and has successfully treated many children with Autism spectrum disorders. Her genuine interest and long experience in treating children motivated her to achieve the prestigious title of  pediatric certified specialist (PCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association in 2012. Dr. Goradia has attended several courses in Neurodevelopmental treatment

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