Pediatric Therapy Home

  • Judicious Combination of  Sensory Integration, Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, and Handwriting Training 

  • Individualized Therapy, Fine-Tuned in Every Therapy Session 
  • Faster Results in Fewer Sessions, Experience Matters! Dr. Ushma gives personal attention to each child!
  • For carryover of therapy at home, parents are encouraged to watch, participate, and ask questions during therapy sessions!

Specialization in Children's Autism, Learning and Developmental Disorders

  • Expertise in pediatrics for treating various diagnoses such as autism, learning difficulties, coordination disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.
  • Certification in sensory integration therapy used to treat children with learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Application of measurable tests/scales to ascertain dysfunctions in sensory/motor areas.
  • Well equipped clinic to address sensory, gross motor as well as fine motor issues.
Our Unique Offering
Backed by 25+ years of clinical experience. advanced degrees and certification from the U.S.A., Dr. Ushma Goradia started Activ Kaarya with the mission of promoting patient-centric approach to pediatric healthcare in India. 

Patient-centric approach is guided by the following principles:
  • Providing healthcare is not an assembly line in a factory. Each child needs individual attention & time as well as personalized treatment plan.
  • Detailed understanding of the child's specific conditions and history forms the foundation of the discussion about cost-effective treatment options.
  • Education & involvement of parents+family in selecting the most appropriate treatment option driven by evidence and results-based clinical reasoning, specific long term objectives, and financial considerations when applicable. 
The spacious & cheerful clinic is well-equipped to treat a variety of diagnoses and is a delight to visit. 

At Activ Kaarya you will find high quality care for your child! 
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